The Lion King Hero

What is a hero? Is your family member your hero, your friend, your favorite singer or actor. Well mine is my cousin, Jeffery, he is a fire fighter for Southgate. My whole dad’s side of my family are firefighters except my dad and he works for The University of Cincinnati. Anyways, Jeffery works all day and night to keep people safe and help them out. He is brave like Simba from the lion king, But also very encouraging, he makes me feel like I can do anything that I set my mind to. He is also really courageous and caring. Jeffery saves people from fires just like Simba did in the Lion King when Scar was about to drop him off the cliff like he did to Mufasa. Next time that you watch the lion king make sure to think about your hero from the lion king and your personal hero.   

Christmas traditions

Christmas Tree - Limassol, Cyprus 2016 Andreas Komodromos via Compfight


Christmas we usually go to Alabama to visit my moms side of the family. We drive 12 hours about a week before Christmas to get there really early. We golf and swim in the pools while in Kentucky its snowing outside. We have our own tree in Alabama and we open Christmas presents in Alabama too.


While we are in Alabama we go to this restaurant but I forget the name of it. At the restaurant they throw bread rolls in the air and if you catch one you get a free extra basket of bread. It is really fun jumping up above the seats. Me and my mom usually go because while we are in Alabama, the rest of my family is in mexico. We love to bring my dog Woodford and we bring his presents. Its really funny when he opens his own presents by his self.


In Alabama we go to see my grandma and grandpa on my moms side of the family. We go to see their friends too. We see my moms stepsister Kabrina and her boyfriend. We go all the way back to Ohio to see my cousins and my aunts and uncles.

Accomplishments for 20%

Me and my partner have made a lot of goals. We finally found out what days we are going to the autistic school. We know what times we are going and the days that we we will be teaching. We found out what we are going to do at the school. The first day that we go we are going to teach the kids how to make clay pots and bowls. The second day we are going to teach them how to make valentines. The third day we are going to make gingerbread houses. We are very exited but nervous how this project will turn out. We have all of the supplies to make this happen. We probably need a lot more Major goals but we pretty much have all of it planned out and ready to go.


Comment what your 20% project is, and if you do not do the 20% project, comment what good thing you have done for the community.

Thanksgiving Traditions

High Above The Baths Trey Ratcliff via Compfight 

My Thanksgiving Family tradition is going to Mexico. On Thanksgiving, we go zip lining on an excursion. There are over 70 zip lines to go on. After you go on all of the zip lines there is a giant zip line that is 4 miles long, it is called superman because you go on your stomach and on your head you wear a go pro so at the end you can watch your video and what you did while on the zip line. When you talk and the go pro picks up your voice it sounds like a chipmunk talking.

In Mexico, they do not celebrate Thanksgiving and they don’t serve turkey for dinner so we eat hamburgers. Its not as good as eating a yummy turkey dinner but its good enough. We usually go late night swimming at the pool in mexico, the pool there is never closed. My moms side of the family goes to Mexico with us for Thanksgiving and for Christmas my dads side of the family goes to Florida with us.


Comment where your family goes for Thanksgiving!

My Daily Life at School

  Classroom by (stephan) at Flickr

First thing in the morning I get up at about 5:50 am and take a shower. After my shower I get dressed and go downstairs to eat breakfast, I usually eat cereal. Then I brush my teeth and get my phone and backpack and head out the door to go to the bus, or sometimes I usually have my mom drop me off at school. when I get to school we sit in the gym to wait for everyone to get there. Then at about 7:30 the teachers dismiss us from the gym to go to our lockers.

After I get all of my things for my first, second, and third period I go to my homeroom class to do a Spanish program called Rosetta Stone. At 7:55 we dismiss to our 1st period, my first period is PBL (project based learning). We mainly do blogs, presentations and working together in a group. At 8:44 I go to my 2nd period which is science. The first thing we do in science is a daily science question. After the question, we have regular science class.  So far, we have learned how to measure newtons and the elements of the periodic table.

Next is math.  In math, the first thing we do is turn in and go over homework.  Then she gives us our assignment to work.  If we don’t finish, it is homework.  We have learned decimals, fractions and expression so far.

After that, I go to ELA.  First thing we do in ELA is a bell ringer.  This is like a daily question.  Right now, we are reading Holes.  It is a good book.  I watched the movie first though.  With the book, we meet with our literature circle group.

After ELA, I go to social studies.  We have an agenda check on a weekly basis.  This year we have learned about culture.  We have studied Canada and Central America.  We watched a movie called The Gods Must be Crazy.  I liked it because it told you about the culture in a fun way.

What is your favorite subject?



For my 20% project me and my partner are going to an autistic school to teach autistic children creative things like dancing, singing and painting, because the teachers focus on their behavior more than having a fun day at school.

Me and my partner feel exited because we are teaching children what we love to do. We also feel trusted because my mom own’s the school and she knows what she is doing and she trust’s what we are doing. Last, we feel anticipated because we are very positive in what we are working with and that if we do not succeed in this project, we know that we tried our hardest to make the best of it, but we are positive that we will succeed in this project.

Our major goals of this project are to go at least 3 days before the school year ends. We do not have any dead lines for this month because we already accomplished our goal for this month. Which was to find out the days that we are going to the school, what time we are getting dropped off at, and also we found out the days that we are off of school but they still have school.

See my Visual Aide for more information.

My Unique Avatar

My avatar shows the inner me. I chose this avatar because you can show who you really are. Me and my avatar both have braces. We both wear makeup and both wear tennis shoes. I love gymnastics. I am a level 4 gymnast at topflight gymnastics. I am on the Triple Crown swim and golf team, I love jumping on my friends trampoline and swimming in their pool. that’s why I love my avatar…… Because it shows ME!!!

Build your wild self


Virginia Xcel State Gymnastic Championships May 20 - 22 2016 HamptonCreative Commons License C B via Compfight        My passion is gymnastics. I have been in gymnastics for 7 years. First I went to 5 Star gymnastics for about 3 years , it was pretty fun but I didn’t learn a whole lot. My coaches names were Jennifer and Steve. Steve was really funny but he didn’t teach us very well. Jennifer was awesome she focused on every skill and got the job done. Until she quit coaching and we only had Steve to coach us. After Jennifer left he got off track a lot and he wasn’t a very good coach anymore so then I left 5 Star Gymnastics. After about a year later I got enrolled into topflight gymnastics. I was only in girls education but it felt like a whole lot of practice time ( 1 hour ),my coaches names were Sarah and Gabby. I was so exited once I was improving.  Anyway, I was a level gold in the girls education. Then one day I found a letter in the mail, I obviously gave it to my parents before opening it, but my parents opened it and screamed then they showed it to me and I started crying. It was a letter asking me if I wanted to be on the artistic team at topflight gymnastics. And I said ” Yes! Definitely”. So then about a week later I was is level 4 on the Artistic Team at Top Flight Gymnastics. And that’s where I am now.

My favorite event is bars. Bars is so hard but its my favorite because I’m really good at it. All of my coaches always tell me “You are the best level 4 on bars” and “That the gym is my second home”. I first thought that my best event was vault because I would get a 9.8 or a 9.9 but then my friend got a 10.0 everyone was crying and was so happy for her. Then bars came along and I got my front hip circle then my mill circle then I just got my kip a few weeks ago. I keep improving on bars, so my coach said that I have all my skills to move up a level. 


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